Saturday, 30 April 2011

Say no to cruel cosmetics in Europe

Hello friends,

Just a very quick message to everyone to sign this petition linked below. I'm sure you're all against bunnies and small animal (sometimes even dogs and cats) being tested against cosmetics. Thank you everyone!
Your Paw,

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Another month has gone but I know what you are thinking, you expect me to update my blog more often. Well...I can't! Apart from being a busy pup, lazying around the sofa and running around the garden I don't find a lot of time to update my blog often. And plus if you know what I have been through this month I'm sure you will forgive me.

On Monday the 10th I was sent to the vet. Didn't I know that I was going to dream pretty dreams and wake up with something in my body missing! Oh my dear!! That had to be the biggest shock in my life. I was so tired and well I wasn't doing any good at all. Mummy told me I got spayed...why??? She said that it was for my own good and that I would stay almost puppy forever then. Well I'm not all for adulthood but I have recently lost my 'puppy smell'. Mummy is very upset but she thinks I still smell nice :P Hahaha!! Anyway I was back to normal in no time, I don't really notice anything any more.

I have some more bad news this dog walk :'( I was sooo upset!!! I was very sick and our care broke down. Mummy was very upset because she really wanted to get me a nice shiny rosette but I guess it just wasn't made to be. All the money we raised...gone! :(

As you all know it's Easter today and I got my very own Easter egg! :P It chocolate for dogs so I was very happy to taste what humans eat, but dogs can't eat. Whoever invented doggy chocolate is a genies. Talking about food I have changed my  diet. Hopefully I don't need to change food any more. It's called Nature's Harvest, and it's yummy!! I was ill last month and it's because I can' digest dry food properly, but the nice vet gave me some medicine and I got all better...and I get yummy food.

I better get going now as I'm in the process of being clipped. My parents bought a clipper for me for all my noughts. It did involve another can be very unfair at times. I will show you pictures later on. I look horrible!!! I haven't got nice long fur any more...but Mummy says it will grow back in no time. I don't really believe her. But I have a strict grooming routine now and if I don't follow it, it'll be clipping time again in no time. You just don't win nowadays.
              Your Paw,
                               Tilly X