Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Message From my Mummy

Hello everyone, today my Mummy would like to write a 'soppy' (so she says) message about me...I guess! I hope it's not too embarrassing but she's begging to let me!! So here she writes...*disappears*


January 6th 2011 is the day my life changed forever!! I wanted to write this message 4 months afterwards just basically saying how much I love my little girl. 4 months doesn't seem like a lot but it's went awfully quick but I'm experiencing the best gift life has given me, my little dog. I remember that car journey back and feeling guilty about taking her away from her parents and sister, she looked at me and all around and I made her a special little promise.

In these 4 months I have experienced the ups and downs of puppy hood, her peeing across the house, endless training and basically chewing everything!! But she has given me love that no idea human can and I love her back with all my heart. I enjoy our walks and cuddling my little girl and everything having a dog brings. She's been with me all throughout and know exactly when I come home and get lots of cuddles and kisses. I enjoy reading her blog, her little diary, and all the pictures I take! Each whit it's own story to tell.

She is a very small dog indeed, but she gives out a huge amount of love. I love her so much, she has become to be my whole life and love. I know this sounds really soppy and sad but I really just wanted to burst out how much this little dog has done to me. Experiencing the thoughts and feelings of my friends on how she is just a dog but she means more to me than that. I will never give her up for anything else in the world, my little Tilly! XxXxX <3

Tilly + Me = Love and Happy Days      xxxx