Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Message From my Mummy

Hello everyone, today my Mummy would like to write a 'soppy' (so she says) message about me...I guess! I hope it's not too embarrassing but she's begging to let me!! So here she writes...*disappears*


January 6th 2011 is the day my life changed forever!! I wanted to write this message 4 months afterwards just basically saying how much I love my little girl. 4 months doesn't seem like a lot but it's went awfully quick but I'm experiencing the best gift life has given me, my little dog. I remember that car journey back and feeling guilty about taking her away from her parents and sister, she looked at me and all around and I made her a special little promise.

In these 4 months I have experienced the ups and downs of puppy hood, her peeing across the house, endless training and basically chewing everything!! But she has given me love that no idea human can and I love her back with all my heart. I enjoy our walks and cuddling my little girl and everything having a dog brings. She's been with me all throughout and know exactly when I come home and get lots of cuddles and kisses. I enjoy reading her blog, her little diary, and all the pictures I take! Each whit it's own story to tell.

She is a very small dog indeed, but she gives out a huge amount of love. I love her so much, she has become to be my whole life and love. I know this sounds really soppy and sad but I really just wanted to burst out how much this little dog has done to me. Experiencing the thoughts and feelings of my friends on how she is just a dog but she means more to me than that. I will never give her up for anything else in the world, my little Tilly! XxXxX <3

Tilly + Me = Love and Happy Days      xxxx

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Say no to cruel cosmetics in Europe

Hello friends,

Just a very quick message to everyone to sign this petition linked below. I'm sure you're all against bunnies and small animal (sometimes even dogs and cats) being tested against cosmetics. Thank you everyone!
Your Paw,

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Another month has gone but I know what you are thinking, you expect me to update my blog more often. Well...I can't! Apart from being a busy pup, lazying around the sofa and running around the garden I don't find a lot of time to update my blog often. And plus if you know what I have been through this month I'm sure you will forgive me.

On Monday the 10th I was sent to the vet. Didn't I know that I was going to dream pretty dreams and wake up with something in my body missing! Oh my dear!! That had to be the biggest shock in my life. I was so tired and well I wasn't doing any good at all. Mummy told me I got spayed...why??? She said that it was for my own good and that I would stay almost puppy forever then. Well I'm not all for adulthood but I have recently lost my 'puppy smell'. Mummy is very upset but she thinks I still smell nice :P Hahaha!! Anyway I was back to normal in no time, I don't really notice anything any more.

I have some more bad news this dog walk :'( I was sooo upset!!! I was very sick and our care broke down. Mummy was very upset because she really wanted to get me a nice shiny rosette but I guess it just wasn't made to be. All the money we raised...gone! :(

As you all know it's Easter today and I got my very own Easter egg! :P It chocolate for dogs so I was very happy to taste what humans eat, but dogs can't eat. Whoever invented doggy chocolate is a genies. Talking about food I have changed my  diet. Hopefully I don't need to change food any more. It's called Nature's Harvest, and it's yummy!! I was ill last month and it's because I can' digest dry food properly, but the nice vet gave me some medicine and I got all better...and I get yummy food.

I better get going now as I'm in the process of being clipped. My parents bought a clipper for me for all my noughts. It did involve another can be very unfair at times. I will show you pictures later on. I look horrible!!! I haven't got nice long fur any more...but Mummy says it will grow back in no time. I don't really believe her. But I have a strict grooming routine now and if I don't follow it, it'll be clipping time again in no time. You just don't win nowadays.
              Your Paw,
                               Tilly X

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Teeth and Treats

Oh dear, I'm not very good at updating my blog, I would love to say that I was busy but I think I used that excuse far too many times. Let's move on as I don't want to get even more embarrassed. There seems to be a new barking noise coming from some sort of machine... Mummy says it's called a 'game' and the barking noise is coming from a 'games console'. I have no idea what that is but she seems to be on it all the time nowadays. It's called a 'nintendog' and mum is having happy times training it and looks to me and always tells me 'Why can't you always listen to me like this dog?' Hey, hey don't get me wrong, she hasn't replaced me!!! She still plays with me like she used to do and anyway I'm lucky because at least I'm not cooped up inside a machine like this wierd dog.

Oh I have to tell you the most horrid news that I got bathed last week. Oh my goodness it was terrible! Mummy says I look very pretty now though, and I guess that is a good thing. I also don't really mind getting brushed that much anymore as I always seem to get a treat! Yum! Mummy is making me post pictures of me in the bath so I guess I'll have to show you later in the post.

On the 3rd of April me and Mummy are doing a sponsered dog walk!! We've already got £50 and it's all going to a good cause and I'm very happy!! I can't wait to go on the walk now, I heard there is goig to be many many different dogs! Back to the bad, half good news. My teeth are falling out and it hurts but that means I get new adult teeth which are better at destroying toys with. Woohoo! Mummy is trying to get one of my puppy teeth but I keep swollowing them by accident so I guess she wont get any. I have to go now as someone needs to do their homework, anyway I need to chew on something right now!
             Your Paw,
                              Tilly X

PS. Please don't laugh at the first two photos!!!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Monday's Walk

As I have told you in my last post, on Monday I went for a walk with a Border Collie. The walk was lovely and I loved running around through the grass! Ginny didn't really play with me much, I don't think she likes small dogs, but it went fine. I got stuck in a few rabbit holes and tripped over a few times but apart from that, I loved the walk.

Something strang is happening to the weather. I've never experienced what they call 'spring' and 'summer' but I heard it's very nice. The weather is getting warmer and I don't need my coat anymore. I also heard they call this 'the change in seasons'. Well whatevers happening, I love it. The grass smells nicer and I can spot some colourful things everywhere I walk called 'flowers'. My afternoon walks are much nicer and I'm out in the garden more often. Happy times!

Something smells good. Mama just made some biscuits but I'm not allowed to have any. Sheshh! Did I really deserve that, NO BISCUITS! and safety. It's like I commited a crime, this is the worst punishment EVER! Sorry for the rant but I'm sure some of my doggy friends know how I feel!!! I better go now and make my parents feel sorry for me. XD
                                                                         Your Paw,
                                                                                          Tilly X

Friday, 4 March 2011

A Good Citizen

I am proud to say that I have passed my Puppy Foundation Test! Wow! All my family were very proud  of me and I have to say I'm quite proud of myself too.We are now able to improve to the advanced level where I will try out for bronze award. I'm not sure if I'm able to do that but I'll give it my best shot.

I do have some not so very good news though. I was very poorly last week and my tummy wasn't doing very well. It was my food! RoyalCanin wasn't doing me any good at all and well I was sick a few times. My family were so worried about me and I got extra hugs and kisses (not that I don't get enough already :P) My family tried a home made meal on me but that isn't doing my stools any good and I am now changing to James Wellbeloved. I had a bit of it today mixed in to my food and it was scrumptious. Mmm!! I haven't tasted anything so good in my life and I still get my mince, which is a plus! Woohoo!!!

Next Monday I'm going on a walk with a new friend, Ginny. A female border collie. I've heard she's very nice. We are going to a BIG  field and I get to run and play with my new friend and Mummy! There's so much going on and it's all so very good. I better get going now, bye-bye.
                                                           Your Paw,
                                                                          Tilly X

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A New Environment!

Hmm...this is a very late post but I can explain. We all have just moved to a new surrounding and it's all very exciting, it's much better than our old house and I have a BIGGER garden! It's so exciting! I have so much space to run around in and I was very, very good during the move. My parents never left me on my own and there was always someone playing with me. I have my very own room downstairs and a much bigger kitchen  and cosy living space. Anyway enough about my new house let me tell you how good I'm getting and my lovely walks. Right now we are walking for 20 minutes every day and it's so exciting (we are much closer to the park now).

My training classes are going very well but next week is my last lesson but mummy is taking me to the advanced class afterwards. I should soon get my certificate and my whole family will be very proud of me! Oh and I haven't told you the REALLY exciting news! Me and mummy are going to be in YourDog magazine to test a product out! Mummy says it's because I still keep on having accidents around the house but I guess that turned out as a good thing! I can't wait!

I seem to get tired quite a lot lately, must be all the excitement and walking. But one last thing I have to mention, I get to meet a new family member in April, my mummy's auntie and my other mummy's sister (confusing). So much happens when you're a small little puppy like me, but I'm enjoying every bit of it! Thanks for reading everyone.
                                 Your Paw,
                                                 Tilly X