Saturday, 26 March 2011

Teeth and Treats

Oh dear, I'm not very good at updating my blog, I would love to say that I was busy but I think I used that excuse far too many times. Let's move on as I don't want to get even more embarrassed. There seems to be a new barking noise coming from some sort of machine... Mummy says it's called a 'game' and the barking noise is coming from a 'games console'. I have no idea what that is but she seems to be on it all the time nowadays. It's called a 'nintendog' and mum is having happy times training it and looks to me and always tells me 'Why can't you always listen to me like this dog?' Hey, hey don't get me wrong, she hasn't replaced me!!! She still plays with me like she used to do and anyway I'm lucky because at least I'm not cooped up inside a machine like this wierd dog.

Oh I have to tell you the most horrid news that I got bathed last week. Oh my goodness it was terrible! Mummy says I look very pretty now though, and I guess that is a good thing. I also don't really mind getting brushed that much anymore as I always seem to get a treat! Yum! Mummy is making me post pictures of me in the bath so I guess I'll have to show you later in the post.

On the 3rd of April me and Mummy are doing a sponsered dog walk!! We've already got £50 and it's all going to a good cause and I'm very happy!! I can't wait to go on the walk now, I heard there is goig to be many many different dogs! Back to the bad, half good news. My teeth are falling out and it hurts but that means I get new adult teeth which are better at destroying toys with. Woohoo! Mummy is trying to get one of my puppy teeth but I keep swollowing them by accident so I guess she wont get any. I have to go now as someone needs to do their homework, anyway I need to chew on something right now!
             Your Paw,
                              Tilly X

PS. Please don't laugh at the first two photos!!!


  1. Hey tilly, i hate baths too! Although i am lucky in that i dry quickly, just one of the advantages of having shorter hair :)

    Have fun on your sponsored walk too


  2. How cute, I wish we could get Ben into the sink, or even the bath. He makes the most of a dip in the sea or any other stretch of water he finds. But when he needs a good wash its outside in the back garden and he doesnt like it. Then he takes ages to dry off.

  3. Soo cute Tilly! My sister Megan looks just like you when she's having a bath and just as lovely when dried! Good luck on your walk.
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear