Saturday, 12 March 2011

Monday's Walk

As I have told you in my last post, on Monday I went for a walk with a Border Collie. The walk was lovely and I loved running around through the grass! Ginny didn't really play with me much, I don't think she likes small dogs, but it went fine. I got stuck in a few rabbit holes and tripped over a few times but apart from that, I loved the walk.

Something strang is happening to the weather. I've never experienced what they call 'spring' and 'summer' but I heard it's very nice. The weather is getting warmer and I don't need my coat anymore. I also heard they call this 'the change in seasons'. Well whatevers happening, I love it. The grass smells nicer and I can spot some colourful things everywhere I walk called 'flowers'. My afternoon walks are much nicer and I'm out in the garden more often. Happy times!

Something smells good. Mama just made some biscuits but I'm not allowed to have any. Sheshh! Did I really deserve that, NO BISCUITS! and safety. It's like I commited a crime, this is the worst punishment EVER! Sorry for the rant but I'm sure some of my doggy friends know how I feel!!! I better go now and make my parents feel sorry for me. XD
                                                                         Your Paw,
                                                                                          Tilly X


  1. Hey Tilly. I can't believe your not allowed any biscuits!!!! Just tell them a tenny tiny bit for a teeny tiny puppy like yourself is fine ;) I always get the last bit of mum's biscuits when she has them with her tea, you know the bit that never gets wet :P
    Mind you i also get to finish mum's tea off for her. Tis rather yummy

  2. Hey Tilly-I know exactly how you feel! Hmmmm...helath and safety...yeah right. BTW I am Doglovinggals dog from YD forum! Hia!

  3. Oh my DOG!!! No biscuits?! WORST PUNISHMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pity you. But with that super cute puppy face of yours, you'll definitely coax a few biscuits from the humans!

    Now about 'the change in seasons'...where I live, we don't have this, but it sounds nice!