Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A New Environment!

Hmm...this is a very late post but I can explain. We all have just moved to a new surrounding and it's all very exciting, it's much better than our old house and I have a BIGGER garden! It's so exciting! I have so much space to run around in and I was very, very good during the move. My parents never left me on my own and there was always someone playing with me. I have my very own room downstairs and a much bigger kitchen  and cosy living space. Anyway enough about my new house let me tell you how good I'm getting and my lovely walks. Right now we are walking for 20 minutes every day and it's so exciting (we are much closer to the park now).

My training classes are going very well but next week is my last lesson but mummy is taking me to the advanced class afterwards. I should soon get my certificate and my whole family will be very proud of me! Oh and I haven't told you the REALLY exciting news! Me and mummy are going to be in YourDog magazine to test a product out! Mummy says it's because I still keep on having accidents around the house but I guess that turned out as a good thing! I can't wait!

I seem to get tired quite a lot lately, must be all the excitement and walking. But one last thing I have to mention, I get to meet a new family member in April, my mummy's auntie and my other mummy's sister (confusing). So much happens when you're a small little puppy like me, but I'm enjoying every bit of it! Thanks for reading everyone.
                                 Your Paw,
                                                 Tilly X

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  1. Oh Tilly you are so sweet! I have a Yorkie sister Megan who is nearly 8 years old.
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear