Friday, 21 January 2011

A Knotty Afternoon :/

I am not happy at all!! My parents were being really horrible and just gave me a big old brush! It probably took about half an hour and it hurt...A LOT! I have a BIG knot on my leg and my parents are trying their best to get rid of it, it's nearly gone's not!! At least I can honestly say I look all groomed up! Hopefully it'll come out soon or else the scissors need to come out and I'm not sure what they are, but they sound scary...

Anyway apart from that bad situation, my mummy got to stay in all day today and not get to go to school!!! We played and slept all day long, but she had to rest on the sofa most of the time, she said she had a bad foot or something like that. She couldn't walk much though so I was a bit worried but she seems fine and happy!! :P She gave me lot's of cuddles but I'm not a cuddly toy, I need my space!

Mummy told me that I could go for my first walk next week. Imagine how fun that would be. I simply can't wait! She said we're going to the park and I get to run around everywhere but on the lead, which is a bit upsetting but she doesn't trust me off lead yet :( I wonder how many squirrels there will be for me to chase!! I've heard lot's of stories about that so I can't wait to try it out. I better be off now though as I'm starting to get tired again, afterall I am a puppy.
                                                      Your Paw,
                                                                       Tilly X


  1. I dont like being groomed either Tilly, but i only have short hair, so i dont have to endure it for long, or get knots in my fur.

    Oooo are you excited for your first walk? Your gonna love it, there so much to see and smell


  2. I'm quite the explorer Dotty and can't wait to set my paws on grass and mud! I am very, very excited!

  3. Ahh! You'll love your first walk! (: And the grooming will keep you all nice and cute looking. :O