Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My first day at puppy training!!

Hello, I'm very tired right now as I've just been to my first lesson at puppy training! It was very fun and me and my two mummies enjoyed it very, very much. I was very scared at first as I was the smallest dog there and I was surrounded by many big dogs. Many of the breeds included labradors, a schnauzer, a spaniel and even a golden retriever; so you can imagine how big the other dogs were compared to me. My recall wasn't that good but my mummy said I was very good at my sits and the chase game! At the end of the class we got to play with all the other dogs and I quite enjoyed that as all of the dogs were friendly. I really enjoyed puppy class and I can't wait to go again next week.
                                                        Your Paw,
                                                                         Tilly X

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  1. Well done Tilly! Brave girl taking the class with all the bigger dogs! I hope the schnauzer was especially nice to you. I'd expect nothing less from my fur brother!